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Maleny Knitfest 2023

Hello everyone, it’s that time of year again, Maleny Knitfest 2023 (July 1st, 2nd & 3rd), is only weeks away. The theme, “Wild Women,” should make it a fun few days. I hope many of you will be able to come & browse the many trade stalls, & perhaps participate in a workshop or two. Go to the Knitfest site to check out what’s happening or book a workshop. 

My trade stall is No 27 & I’ll have the ever helpful Robyn Bailey to assist you while I’m workshoping. Please don’t be shy… come & say hello. 

I’ll be doing 3 workshops, all held at Knitfest Central Stage

  • (1) Crochet spirals (Sat, 1st July – 10am to 12pm) (Due to popular demand)
  • Cost: $55 (yarn included) (bring your own hooks) 
  • Workshop Description: Spirals are beautiful, centred, balanced & harmonious, yet, at the same time can be complex. The crochet spiral workshop takes away some of the mystery by taking you through the basics, which you can then adapt & experiment with to incorporate into your crochet repertoire. 
  • The worksop includes yarn & patterns, in both written & graph (chart) form
  • Requirements: Participants to bring own hooks & must have good basic Crochet skills


  • (2) Granny squares by halves (Sun, 2nd July – 10am – 12am), Cost: $55 (yarn included) (bring your own hooks) 
  • Workshop Description: (The Granny Square has made a huge resurgence)
  • This workshop is for granny square lovers who enjoy utilising the traditional Granny Square into clothing like vests, jumpers & skirts, to name a few, but find the results are often boxy & unflattering. The half granny square may be just the answer – an easy way to shape armholes, neck & hem lines
  • The worksop includes yarn & pattern, in both written & graph (chart) form
  • Requirements: Participants to bring own hooks & must have basic Crochet skills


  • (3) Hexagon Motifs, join as you go (Mon, 9.30am to 12pm – 2pm to 4.30pm)
  • Cost: $55 (yarn included) (bring your own hooks)
  • Workshop Description: Hexagons are a great alternative to the traditional granny square. This workshop shows you how to join as you go & also includes the half hexagon.
  • Another crochet gem to incorporate into your crochet repertoire. 
  • The worksop includes yarn & patterns, in both written & graph (chart) form
  • Requirements: Participants to bring own hooks & must have good basic Crochet skills


The Competiton this year is different; we are being asked to make a “Wild Woman Doll,”(something way out of  my comfort zone, nevertheless, I’m giving it a go). Winners will be voted on by the general public which will make it even more interesting.

I hope you’re able to make it, bring your friends & make a day of it, you won’t be disappointed – see you there, Renate




The Crochet Cactus Garden – 7 Patterns.

In today’s world, Cacti & succulents are considered very trendy indoor decor. Crochet Cacti & Succulents give any space natural beauty; whether a small one in a little pot on a desk, a large one for a corner cabinet, or a whole garden for a showy display. Think  gift-giving, for special friends, favourite teachers, loved ones in care or hospital…

The Crochet Cactus Garden is ideal for those who love indoor plants but, for whatever reason, don’t want to deal with the care & maintenance or have small kiddies & pets who like to touch & poke things they shouldn’t.

One of my crochet class groups encouraged me to come up with some basic crochet cactus patterns; ones they could play with to create their own indoor gardens,… stress free gardening if you like. 

I came up with these 7, easy, yet interesting, basic cactus crochet patterns, each different from the other leaving lots of room for creativity. The patterns are mostly worked in dc (US: sc) in the Amigurumi Technique. 

Patterns are in written form with both UK & US terminology 

I encourage you to experiment with different yarns from cotton to sock yarn, acrylics to natural fibres, all give unique effects. 

Tip: remember plants in nature aren’t always perfect, so don’t stress about any imperfections they only add to the charm.

I hope you have fun & enjoy creating a cactus garden for yourself or the special people in your life.

The Cactus Garden Crochet Patterns E-Book is available for purchase here

  • 1. Easter Cactus
  • 2. Succulent
  • 3. Round 9 Lobed Segment Cactus
  • 4. Tall Cactus
  • 5. Ball Cactus
  • 6. Prickly Pear Cactus
  • 7. Agave

Alice Springs Beanie Festival 2022 update

Yesterday, the Postie delivered a package from Alice Springs with my winning trophy. I had been expecting it & was really excited to see it. I’m sure you all agree, it’s quite the quirkiest trophy ever. I feel very proud & ever so delighted. Also enclosed was a packet of beautiful Biggan Design Merino Wool in Autumn tones…

Again, my thanks to the judges & congratulations to the creator/s of this & all the unique trophies, works of art in themselves

The 2023 theme is ‘A Travellers Tale’ so get your thinking caps on & needles & hooks working… till next year

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