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Tapestry Crochet ~ Textured Crochet Lace ~ Bring Colour To Crochet ~ Crochet Techniques Freeform Crochet & Beyond are published by the Australian independent publishing company Sally Milner Publishing. They are international standard craft books being sold worldwide.

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Tapestry Crochet, 64 playful patterns for children: ISBN978-186351-462-0 ~ ARRP: $29.99 AUD ~ 89 pages

This book is another crochet sampler with my aim being to introduce readers to yet another crochet technique & encourage avid experienced crocheters & beginners alike to try something new, to expand their repertoire & enjoy themselves with some colourful, fun designs.

The patterns are divided into 8 sections: (1) Figures & letters ~ (2) Signs & symbols ~ (3) Children & toys ~ (4) Transport ~ (5) Fruit & veg ~ (6) Around the house ~ (7) This & that ~ (8) Birds & animals… so you can please yourself which designs suit your project… be it for a boy or girl, baby, young child or teenager… or even work just a few patterned square alternated with plain coloured squares…

In Tapestry Crochet (as in Intarsia/Jacquard) a chart, graph or grid is used instead of written instructions for coloured patterns. Each square equals a stitch, each line equals a row and each blank square equals the main colour. Follow grids from the bottom and read right-side rows from right to left and wrong-side rows from left to right. All squares are worked in double crochet [dc] (US: single crochet [sc]). And, for reader convenience, I have written the required number of stitches for each colour, with arrows indicating row direction.

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Textured Crochet Lace: ISBN 978-1-86351-430-9 ~ ARRP: $39.99 AUD ~ 127 pages

The aim of Textured Lace is to bring together a collection of interesting crochet lace patterns & uncommon stitches that can be worked into your crochet repertoire & increase your knowledge, confidence & pleasure. Working your way through all 64 patterns will bring you a great feeling of satisfaction as you finish up with a beautiful & functional rug (afghan) or throw; you can choose a selection of patterns to create a smaller rug for a special purpose, or work just one pattern & repeat it to create a scarf or wrap in your favourite yarn.

The 64 patterns will inspire crochet workers, both beginners & advanced,who are familar with Renate’s earlier books, Crochet Techniques & Bring Colour to Crochet. Freeformers will discover some novel stitches & enjoy incorporating many of these patterns into their work, whether using this book on its own or in conjunction with ideas inspired by Renate’s Freeform Crochet & Beyond.”

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Bring Colour To Crochet: ISBN 978-1-86351-414-9 ~ ARRP: $39.99 AUD ~ 135 pages

The aim of this book is the present the reader with 64 interesting & practical stitch patterns that explore the many varied ways of introducing colour & novelty into their work. Freeformers will also discover some novel stitches & interesting ways of bringing colour to their work.

All patterns are in written & diagram (chart) form, use UK & US terminology & have a clear colour photo

64 Multi-colour squares include: Basic Stripes ~ Spikes ~ Shells ~ Zigzags ~ Reliefs ~ Ripples ~ Chains ~ Mosaics ~ Clusters & Bobbles ~ Afghans ~ Variable Stripes ~ A Quick Bullion Tutorial ~ Novelty Sts ~ Bricks & Boxes

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Freeform Crochet & Beyond: ISBN: 1-9210-0582-3 ~ ARRP: $44.95 AUD– 148 pages

In this colourful and informative book, I turn my attention away from the traditional forms of crochet and delves into a mix of exciting colours, yarns and imagination. The book is a collection of techniques and suggestions, rather than of specific projects. The results can be joined together to create unique wearable and usable art in the form of headwear, bags, scarves, shrugs and shawls – in fact whatever you can imagine to create, this book will provide the foundations.

“Freeform Crochet and Beyond – goes beyond expertise and takes you on a fascinating adventure, using Renate’s techniques and wonderful view of the colour and textures of the world and allows you to use these and your own imagination to create wonderful, unique pieces.”

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Crochet techniques

Crochet Techniques: ISBN 978 1 86351 371 5ARRP$44.95 AUD  – 208 pagesColour

Over the last 200 years crochet in its various forms has given rise to an unknown number of stitches. Crochet Techniques brings together    instructions for stitches and their variations to create 5 colourful and attractive samplers

Classic 36 Pattern Sample

Hexagonal 19 Pattern Sampler

Jacquard 30 Pattern Sampler

Tunisian 36 Pattern Sampler (also called Tricot),

Crochenit 30 Pattern Sampler (sometimes known as ‘on the double’ crochet)

Working your way through these patterns will help you gain a solid, well-grounded knowledge of crochet. Many of the stitches are a breeze, but others require a little more concentration – but there’s no equal to the feeling of accomplishment that mastering them will give you.

As you make your way through the techniques you will discover a range of interesting and useful stitches that you’ll want to use over and over again- not just as rugs (afghans), perhaps, but to create items of your own.

You will also find discussion of common crochet problems and tips for solving them.

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Not Without A Backward Glance: My personal Story of Adoption

ISBN: 1-9210-0582-3 – ARRP: $21.95 – 148 pages

Available from & Published by Zues Publications

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