Crochet Tips & Tricks

Crochet Tips & Tricks that  hopefully answer  some of the many questions I’m often asked.

An easy to read resource  to make  your crocheting life just that little bit easier & more enjoyable.

~ A Beginners Crochet Notebook ~

A fabulous resource for all your crochet questions in one place

~ Getting Started Right handed ~ Getting Started Left Handed ~

Pictorial tutorials about how to make a slip knot, how to hold your hook/yarn

~ Do You Know…. ~

Tid-bits of handy hints to help with counting stitches, keeping your work straight & more….

~ Stitch Overview ~

A collection of basic stitches, their international chart symbols & how to work them – their common names in UK, US, French, Spanish, German & Italian.

~ Novelty Stitches ~

A collection of less common known stitches that may require some patient practice but are well worth the effort.

Crochet cord ~ Crab Stitch ~ Offset Puff Stitch ~ Bullion Stitch ~ Tubular Crochet

~ Surface Embellishments ~

An important component of freeform & a great way of bringing your personality, your style & your skills to your work & putting your own stamp on your project.

~ Joining New Yarn ~ Joining Crochet Fabric, squares & Motifs ~

To knot or not to knot ~ bringing in new yarn with the Russian join, with a ss or a dc (US sc) & more

~ joining with a Whip Stitch ~ Mattress Stitch ~  with chains ~ ss, dc (US sc) & more

~ Decreasing ~ Increasing ~ Shaping ~

A few of the many techniques for decreasing, increasing & shaping in crochet

~ The Humble Granny Square ~

Easy to understand instructions for making a One Colour Granny Square, adding colour to your Granny Square & edging your Granny Square.

~ Hook & Yarn Conversion Charts ~

Hook comparison chart (mm, UK & US) – Yarn comparison chart (US, UK/Can & Aust)

8 thoughts on “Crochet Tips & Tricks”

  1. Hi Amanda, yes, after completing the bullion when you have 2 loops left on the hook, drop the the tread you’re using & just bring in the new colour through the 2 loops, drop & pick up each colour as you go, taking the old colour with you & working your bullion over it – try to crochet over tail ends where ever possible – unfortunately with so many colour changes tail ends are a freeform reality but I like to weave them in often to save myself the big job at the end – hope that makes sense & helps

    I trust you’re able to view the ‘join new yarn’ page now… if not, let me know…. I might have a glitch – cheers Renate

  2. bought your book on freeform crochet and i saw that u have a link for joining new yarn on your blog but i had problems with viewing it, i am interested in the color change bullions and how u did it, is the color just picked up? and if so do i really have to tuck in all those tails? your work is amazing and i cant wait to get your response!!!!!!
    thank you

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