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Years of teaching have taught me that we all need achievable goals to keep us interested. These sampler rugs (afghans) grew out of this premise and have become effective teaching tools. The patterns in my first book, Crochet Techniques, are a mixed bag of stitches to help you gain solid, ground-knowledge in crochet. While some of the stitches are a breeze to work, others will require a little more concentration – but there’s no equal to the feeling of accomplishment you’ll have in the end.

As you make your way through each technique you’ll discover a whole range of new, interesting and useful stitches that you’ll want to use over and over again; your confidence will soar and, before you know it, you’ll have beautiful heirlooms that will be proudly passed down the generations. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the crochet fundamentals outlined in the book you’re ready and set and on your way – enjoy.

The following Sampler Rugs (Afghans) are all featured in Crochet Techniques….

Classic 36 Pattern Sampler: Average to Advanced ~ make this beautiful afghan & learn 36 interesting & useful stitches

Hexagonal 19 Pattern Sampler: Above Average to Advanced ~ a little more concentration is required for this attractive afghan, but it adds another 19 unique stitches to your knowledge bank

Jacquard 30 Motif Sampler: Average to Advanced ~ Double Crochet (US sc) & a willingness to read a grid/graph is all that is required for this colourful technique ~ learn how to make your own designs, from geometric abstract to picture perfect masterpieces

Tunisian (Tricot) 36 Pattern Sampler: Above Average to Advanced ~ Somewhere between crochet and knitting, Tricot is worked on a long hook, not unlike a knitting needle, producing a richly, textured woven fabric


Crochenit Sampler: Above Average to Advanced ~ Is it crochet or is it knitting? A technique using a Double-ended Hook. You’ll amaze everyone with these reversible patterns




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