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CORRECTION: I have discovered  a major error in this book… the instructions for edging individual squares in Textured Crochet Lace was omitted when published… My sincere apologies  to everyone who has purchased the book & therefore been confused about the edging & may even have abandoned their project… the instructions for edging individual squares are as follows:

Round 1: with right side facing & continuing with working colour, 1 ch, work 3 dc (US: sc) in same st [place marker in middle st, corner made], * work 29 dc (US: sc) evenly spaced to next corner st, 3 dc (US: sc) in corner st, repeat around square, join with ss in first dc (US: sc), do not finish off – 128dc (US: sc)

Round 2: continuing with working colour, 1 ch, dc (US: sc) in same st and in each st across to next corner st, * 3 dc (US: sc) in corner st, dc (US: sc) in each st across to next corner st, repeat from * around, join with ss in first dc (US: sc) , finish off136 dc (US: sc)

Textured Crochet Lace: ISBN 978-1-86351-430-9 ~ ARRP: $39.99 AUD ~ 127 pages

The aim of Textured Lace is to bring together a collection of interesting crochet lace patterns & uncommon stitches that can be worked into your crochet repertoire & increase your knowledge, confidence & pleasure. Working your way through all 64 patterns will bring you a great feeling of satisfaction; you will end up with a beautiful & functional rug (afghan) or throw. You can choose a selection of patterns to create a smaller rug for a special purpose or, work just one pattern & repeat it to create a scarf or wrap in your favourite yarn.

Each pattern is in written & diagram (chart) form, with both UK & US terminology & has a clear colour photo

The 64 patterns will inspire crochet workers, both beginners & advanced,who are familar with Renate’s earlier books, Crochet Techniques & Bring Colour to Crochet. Freeformers will discover some novel stitches & enjoy incorporating many of these patterns into their work, whether using this book on its own or in conjunction with ideas inspired by Renate’s Freeform Crochet & Beyond.”

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