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Crochet classes for 2022 resume Saturday 5th February 

Class days continue as usual 1st Saturday, 1st Monday & 3rd Thursday each month 1pm to 4pm but, for the time being, classes are limited to 6 participants. 

For those interested, it’s important to phone or email me to book a class. I’d like to keep classes small & consistent.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

2022 Crochet Classes & Workshops~
Robyn, Jenny, Melissa, Me, Jill, Margaret

An extended welcome to everyone interested in crochet, from beginners to the more experienced, living on the Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Classes are held in Landsborough Qld, at my home/workshop, on the following days:

1st Monday afternoon of the month – 1pm to 4pm

3rd Thursday afternoon of the month – 1pm to 4pm

The 3-hour sessions are $20  with morning tea provided….

Please contact me for details using the contact form at the bottom of page 

Weekend Classes

1st Saturday afternoon of the month – 1pm to 4pm

The 3-hour sessions are $25  with afternoon tea provided….

Please contact me for details using the contact form at the bottom of page 

Come & relax in a garden atmosphere & meet a great bunch of people who just love to crochet.

We come together for some serious (or not) crocheting time; to finish UFO’s, exchange tips & tricks, try out new ideas & techniques & help each other.

And, for those of you who don’t know where to start I have many interesting in house projects to choose from… Beginners are always welcome.

…. So, even if you’ve never held a hook before, or you’ve had a go but it’s never looked quite right, come along & get the basics right from the start.

Do you have a UFO or perhaps a pattern or project you’ve always wanted to try but not quite sure where to begin? Bring it along with your hook and yarn and, where possible, the pattern and let’s try to figure out that tricky stitch/pattern.


 I also hold:

Freeform workshops by arrangement: Freeform  Workshops are temporarily on hold  but  any interested folk are welcome to come to any crochet class & I’ll help & guide you through the technique.

Please contact me for details using the contact form at the bottom of page 

for Average to Advanced crochet & Knitting enthusiasts ~ 4 x 4 hr workshop held over 4 weeks ~ or ~ 2 x full days workshop ~ group booking welcomed





Another big Thank You to all the ladies who came along to the ‘Welcome Back Afternoon’ yesterday (11th Jan 2015)… we had a lovely time even though we sweltered in the heat &, despite the determined ants who almost ate us out of house & home… Welcome to the new ladies who came to check things out &, of course, welcome back to all you gorgeous regular folk… 2015 is going to be great!! Here are some pics of finished projects & works in progress… What a clever bunch!!



A huge thank you to everyone who came along to my ‘Welcome Afternoon tea’ here at my new location in Landsborough, Qld on the Sunshine Coast. It was lovely catching up with old friends & meeting so many new ladies interested in my work. The new class year will begin on Saturday afternoon February 1st 1pm to 4pm… 2014 is shaping up to be a great year!!


Felting workshops: Sorry, I no longer hold felting workshops


for further details  or any questions ~ queries ~ opinions ~ please feel free to contact me ~ any time ~ about anything ~ I’m always happy to help where I can ~

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6 thoughts on “Local Classes”

  1. Hi Debbie, yes.. ditto from me… feeling quite excited about the reef & have started a few pieces already… also.. saw you & Margaret in the Sunshine Coast daily enviro day write-up today… yay!!!

  2. Hi Renate, I just bought your book “Freeform Crochet and beyond”…beautiful Art, congratulations!
    I am in love with and very interested in the 01 October, Monday class if possible…
    Maria Riley.

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