2012 Alice Springs Beanie Festival update…

Yesterday, the Postie delivered a rather large package from Alice Springs… Oh… I thought, both pieces have come back but, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the felted beanie had sold, Yay!!

& for my efforts I received this delightful trophy… my hat off to the creator/s of this unique trophy, a work of art in itself… & a gorgeous bundle of rovings & Certificate from Ashford Australia

Thank you to everyone involved……

Alice Springs Beanie Festival 2011

My goodness… the Alice Springs Beanie Festival came around quickly this year – with not enough hours in the day & other commitments I selected not to enter this time but once I saw the categories…. celebrating the Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire & Water… I thought, ‘What the heck…’ changed my mind & decided to have a go….

With very little time in hand I set to work – the crowns for both beanies were crocheted, machine felted &  then hand-dyed – next I crocheted the bands to the crowns.

They looked very plain & ordinary at this stage – what to do??


Flame: off to the kitchen & Nuno felted some freeform patches using bright, fiery wool & silk rovings which I attached to the band & then set to beading the crown. Yes, you guessed it, this took ages but I’m super pleased with how it turned out….


Landscape Exposed: I made a freeform crochet coronet which was attached to the band & I then needle felted the crown using only silk rovings – still not satisfied… I decided to attach some felted dread lock tassels… yep, that did the trick.

So, there you go… my 2 entries for the 2011 Alice Springs Beanie Festival – Good luck to all the entrants & my sincere thanks to the organisers, for all their hard work putting together this fabulous event – may 2011 be a huge success for all who participate.

3 New Hats….

Mixed Berry Swirl: a delightful Freeform Crochet Beanie in bold magenta & purple shades. Created in beautiful Noro Kureyon, 100 % wool. The crochet band gives a snug fit to keep out those winter chills & Corkscrew Tassels add extra flair.  Make a statement  – dramatic & different for those who dare to be…

Mixed Berry Swirl is available for sale in my Esty shop


Woodlands: Traditional yet, at the same time, eccentric… this gorgeous beanie is just that little bit different for those who dare. Embellished with Ponytail Tassels & simple couching stitch embroidery adds the finishing touches to this distinctive beanie

Woodlands is available for sale in my Esty shop


Rasta Tam, Slouchy Beret & Scarf set in Autumn tones: Gorgeous, vibrant Autumn tones bring this lovely Slouchy Beret & Scarf duo to life. Created in super soft, 100% non-allergenic acrylic, the scarf has an open weave pattern & the beret is full enough to hold long locks – a flattering, easy wear, easy care set you’ll love forever

Slouchy Beret & Scarf Set is available for sale in my Esty shop

Gallery update…

Only took me 3 days to redo my Freeform Archive Gallery page but I’m so pleased I did… and, being the non-techie that I am, I’m rather proud of this achievement….

Not only did I manage to create a Gallery where each click of the thumbnail takes you to a super enlargement but I also put in a slideshow – whoohoo!!! what do you think?

click here to view FREEFORM ARCHIVE

Ideas & Inspirations No5. ~ Portuguese man-of-war (Bluebottle):

Portuguese man-of-war (Bluebottle): a small marine creature that I remember from childhood.  I have lovely memories of strolling the beach, with stick in hand, bursting the little blue bubbles washed up along the shoreline – but, don’t be fooled, although not lethal, this iridescent beauty can deliver a mighty sting…

The moment I saw the vibrant, blue/purple of this gorgeous ‘Noro Silk Garden’ yarn I was reminded of those earlier days – the felted crochet crown is 100% pure wool with the band crochet directly onto it – the textured coronet is a continuous band of fairy wings which have been individually hand-beaded with tiny glass seed beads & then hand-sewn to the finished beanie. I’m rather please with the result…

This Portuguese Man-of-war Beanie is available for sale in my Etsy Shop

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