Ideas & Inspirations No5. ~ Portuguese man-of-war (Bluebottle):

Portuguese man-of-war (Bluebottle): a small marine creature that I remember from childhood.  I have lovely memories of strolling the beach, with stick in hand, bursting the little blue bubbles washed up along the shoreline – but, don’t be fooled, although not lethal, this iridescent beauty can deliver a mighty sting…

The moment I saw the vibrant, blue/purple of this gorgeous ‘Noro Silk Garden’ yarn I was reminded of those earlier days – the felted crochet crown is 100% pure wool with the band crochet directly onto it – the textured coronet is a continuous band of fairy wings which have been individually hand-beaded with tiny glass seed beads & then hand-sewn to the finished beanie. I’m rather please with the result…

This Portuguese Man-of-war Beanie is available for sale in my Etsy Shop

Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia

Author: rensfibreart

Australian Freeform Fibre Artist, Craft teacher & Author

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