Ideas & Inspirations No7 ~ Spirals

this will be my last post of the Ideas & Inspiration Series & therefore appropriate that I say something about the spiral – the symbol I have used, over & over again, in all of my work. Some time ago, someone commented about this but, all I could say at the time was that, ‘I just simply like it’… nevertheless, it starting me thinking… Why do I use it so often? And, what does it mean?

Since spirals are found everywhere in nature, I think it’s only natural that artists will be influenced by them no matter what walk of life we are from. I believe the spiral is intrinsic & embedded in everything we know & understand about ourselves, our world, the universe… be it: organic, mineral or abstract… perhaps this is the reason why it’s been so revered & used as a sacred symbol by humans since time began.

Spirals are simply beautiful to behold: centered, balanced & harmonious, yet, at the same time complex, wondrous & awe-inspiring. For me, personally, they represents life’s forces: since everything in life goes round & round in circles, to my mind, because we are always learning & experiencing, therefore adding to the progressive directions of our lives, these circles will never quite meet.

So… I guess in a nutshell, the Spiral illustrated my personal expanding journey for awareness… I just haven’t been conscious of it most of the time… but having that said… in the end….  I still just simply like them…

For those of you who are interested & would like to learn more about the spiral just google it… that should keep you busy for a few hours or so…

This is a new little piece that illustrates what I mean &  available in my Etsy shop

Gallery update…

Only took me 3 days to redo my Freeform Archive Gallery page but I’m so pleased I did… and, being the non-techie that I am, I’m rather proud of this achievement….

Not only did I manage to create a Gallery where each click of the thumbnail takes you to a super enlargement but I also put in a slideshow – whoohoo!!! what do you think?

click here to view FREEFORM ARCHIVE

Ideas & Inspirations No6 – Crayon Garden

Perhaps you can remember back to when you were young & the excitement you felt on receiving a lovely box of  new crayons & crisp sheets of butcher’s paper… the joy, when stroking the rich waxy colours over the page & creating those vibrant treasures that your family plastered all over the fridge because they were so proud of their little artist?

Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I came across these shamelessly, super brilliant yarns… I just had to have them, even though at the time, I had no idea how I would use them…

And, I have to say, they did linger in my stash for quite a while (though never forgotten) before I decided to have a play & create this vibrant handbag – I think it tuned out to be a real happiness piece… I hope you like it..

Crayon Garden is available for sale in my Etsy Shop

Ideas & Inspiration No4. Scribbler

Scribbly Gum: gets its name from insect larvae “Scribblers” that live on the trunk & under the bark, leaving these interesting marks when the bark peals & falls off.

Nature’s graffiti artists I call these busy little critters –

My Freeform Handbag ‘Scribbler’ is the result (available for sale in my Etsy shop)

Ideas & Inspirations No3. Acacia

Acacia (Wattle): is another beautiful Australian native that comes in a variety of shapes & sizes & is a particular favourite of mine.

The cheerful yellow flowers are easily recognisable, but it’s the foliage that I find most fascinating – ranging from round, soft, silvery greys… to sparse, spiky olive green branches… to bright green fern-like stems.

My Freeform Handbag ‘Acacia’ came into being one winter when these lovely shrubs were in full bloom….

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