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Only took me 3 days to redo my Freeform Archive Gallery page but I’m so pleased I did… and, being the non-techie that I am, I’m rather proud of this achievement….

Not only did I manage to create a Gallery where each click of the thumbnail takes you to a super enlargement but I also put in a slideshow – whoohoo!!! what do you think?

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Ideas & Inspirations No5. ~ Portuguese man-of-war (Bluebottle):

Portuguese man-of-war (Bluebottle): a small marine creature that I remember from childhood.  I have lovely memories of strolling the beach, with stick in hand, bursting the little blue bubbles washed up along the shoreline – but, don’t be fooled, although not lethal, this iridescent beauty can deliver a mighty sting…

The moment I saw the vibrant, blue/purple of this gorgeous ‘Noro Silk Garden’ yarn I was reminded of those earlier days – the felted crochet crown is 100% pure wool with the band crochet directly onto it – the textured coronet is a continuous band of fairy wings which have been individually hand-beaded with tiny glass seed beads & then hand-sewn to the finished beanie. I’m rather please with the result…

This Portuguese Man-of-war Beanie is available for sale in my Etsy Shop

Peppermint & Dust….

The Esty ‘Down Under Street Team’ is currently running an Add in the Peppermint Magazine where Participating Shops are offering generous discounts until the end of August 2010

~ To claim your discount, simply enter the code featured in Peppermint magazine into the “comments to seller box” when you make your purchase and enjoy the discounts! ~

The Alice Beanie Fest 2010

I’m a bit late posting this year – why is time whizzing by at such breakneck speed?

So…. it’s that time of year again when all the beanie nuts come out of the woodwork to show off their creations at the Alice Springs Beanie Festival & what a wonderful collection of talent there is to see again this year – take note of my cyber friend, Megan Jack’s entry… she receive a well deserved special mention for her amazing beanie ‘Under Ones Sun’ in the Loveliest Madcap Category – hopefully one day I’ll get to visit this fabulous Aussie event….

Here are my entries for 2010

‘Blue Mountains’ – A freeform Crochet snood – lots of bullions, spirals, tunisian patches & a scattering of beads to add some bling

‘Country Life’ – is an upcycled beanie made from an old woollen jumper that has been felted then cut & sewn into shape – corkscrew tassels added to the crown to finish

My new ETSY shop

OK… so I finally did it… I bit the bullet & opened my Etsy shop this week. It’s only small but I hope to add to it often.
Any comments, opinions & critiques are welcomed

Chocolate Box- Cushion Cover



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