Ideas & Inspirations… No 2. Banksia

Banksia: it is so easy to be inspired by the interesting textures & unusual colours of this uniquely Australian woody tree/shrub – the leaves are waxy, serrated & vary in colour from olive greens to bright ochre – the flower spikes are sculptural & vibrant & age into bizarre, gnarled seed pods which alone are a great source of inspiration.

My Freeform Crochet Handbag ‘Banksia No3’ (is available for sale in my Etsy shop) was influenced by a beautiful Banksia growing in my garden & I took it for granted for the longest time in my garden – fortunately I managed to take a photo of it before it died.

Urban Blues…

On a recent visit to the big city (beautiful Sydney, Australia) my senses were totally ambushed by the hustle & bustle, the perpetual activity & chaos of the place – non-stop traffic streams, roundabouts, flickering buildings, sun struck glass & chrome & unexpected parklands – relax, I told myself… embrace the colours, textures & ambience – ‘Urban Blues’ evolved & is the compilation & impressions of those city images.

Aussie Beach inspired…

Introducing ‘Beaches’ a freeform crochet/knit handbag, inspired by the golden sands & blue waters of Australia….

The colours & textures for this piece have been in my mind for a long time & I’m so happy to finally have it done –  little knitting, some Tunisian & of course lots of crochet motifs all came together beautifully I think….

Peppermint & Dust….

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Acacia inspired…..

Anyone who has seen Australia’s beautiful Acacia in its full-bloom glory will appreciate the lovely warm tones that inspired this little handbag – although I rarely keep track, I think I may have  incorporated over 40 different yarns when creating this piece….

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