Women’s Rainbow Freeform Crochet Handbag.

Rainbow freeform handbag

This is a delightful rainbow freeform handbag…. as cheerful & vibrant as crayons from childhood, don’t you think? The freeform fabric was built over a strong mesh base, lined with a bright, port-wine satin & has recycled, polished wooden handles

Size: 23cm (9”) at top tapering down to 28cm (11”) wide x 28cm (11”) deep (not including handle) – Handle: 14 cm (5 ½ ”) high

This piece is available for sale in my Etsy Shop


OOAK Freeform Crochet Purple Shrug Bolero with multicolour motifs…

purple shrug 1 DSCF9932

OK,  so I finally found the time to post one of the many new items that I’ve been promising to do… Time just seems to run away from me these days… renovating & establishing a new garden has certainly taken its toll on my crochet work but, never fear, I’ve not abandoned my hook & yarn just yet, but they have been very badly neglected…

So, this little number is one that I finished a while ago & has been sitting (as so many others yet to come) in the ‘To List Box’ – An easy-to-wear purple & multicolor freeform crochet women’s bolero shrug. A gorgeous, fun, OOAK garment for those looking for something truly different & listed on Etsy

This is a loose fitting garment Australian size 8 to 10 (US: 4 xsml to 6 sml)

for the purple I used: Bendigo Woollen Mills Rustic 8 Ply
for the motifs I used a collection of assorted natural & synthetic yarns


DSCF9915 DSCF9917

That’s a mighty giant crochet hook, but what to do with it?

giant hook2I’ve had this giant, wooden crochet hook for the longest time, I may have found it in an OP shop or perhaps someone gave it to me… I simply can’t remember… in any case, it’s been sitting idle in my hook collection for many years with no idea what size it could be (though compared to a 6.50 mm (US K), it’s mighty big), or what it could be used for…

I’m presuming that some clever person hand-carved it & lovingly sanded it down to feel as smooth as silk… nevertheless, I’ve always found it awkward to work with &, after a few of feeble attempts, just abandoned it…giant hook1

That is, until a couple of months ago when I wanted to crochet some really woolly, chunky scarves, you know the kind that you can wrap around & around yourself, thick & lush to keep out the frostiest cold winds… &, suddenly, that mighty giant hook might just be the ticket… I started with 2 strands of yarn… No, not chunky enough… 3 strands, then 4 but finally settled on 5 strands of what I hope are complimentary colours. It wasn’t nearly as awkward as I remembered & the scarves worked up really fast. I think I got a bit carried away too, hence their length… the yellow/brown one being approx 272 cm (107”) & the green one approx 317.50 cm (125”).

So that’s a couple of scarves… I’m sure there are many more items that could be created with this mighty hook… I just haven’t thought of any yet… Any ideas? Or perhaps you have your own giant hook story… we’d all love to hear them…

green chunkyDSCF9666DSCF9674DSCF9671

Crochet Felt Hat Beanie Winter Collection

Hello everyone, allow me to introduce  my new winter hat beanie collection… a combination of crochet, felted crochet & wet felting… all made from 100% wool, with assorted cotton & acrylic yarns, glass & wooden bead embellishments.

The collection came about while I was incapacitated some weeks back with a back injury & given strict instructions to take it easy… hmmm… Well, that’s always easier said than done….

So, what to do? I couldn’t just sit around feeling sorry for myself…. a poke around in my stash, I found a whole bag full of feltable yarns purchased some time ago &, as usually happens, completely forgotten about… so, with a collection of favourite DVD’s, I set to work crocheting the hat beanie crowns that I later felted in the washing machine (no strain, no pain)…& they came up a treat… from there I slowly added the crochet bands & embellishments… time well spent, time not wasted & Yes… I did take it easy…. Enjoy!

Over the coming days  these hat beanies will be available for sale on Etsy.

Freestyle Knit, Freeform Crochet scarf, shawl, wrap

Just finished this freestyle knit, freeform crochet scarf, shawl, wrap & listed it for sale in my Etsy shop

I’ve named this piece ‘Creme de Menthe’ for it’s sweet peppermint, turquoise & beige shades & gorgeous, spicy pizzaz – finding the right colours for the freeform motifs was a bit of a challenge but I think they work well & the chunky glass & tiny metallic beads add  that something extra

I’m very pleased with the result…..