But, oh my, what rewards for patience, perseverance & sheer pig headedness…

Summer Harvest is one of my newest creations – I had the idea to combine these colours & textures for ages & I think they work really well.

But this fine piece didn’t come about without a little pain – there were many hiccups along the way…. Some of the yarns I used, lovely though they are, were impossible to crochet so out came the needles. These knitted panels then suddenly became the focal point of the project from which the crochet motifs & bullions were worked – the original concept flew completely out the window

And the bag shape, another great idea at the time, took far more patience than I thought I had getting the patches to fit they way I wanted… so there was lots of grumbling & pouting about why I hadn’t chosen an easier route

But, oh my, what rewards for patience, perseverance & sheer pig headedness – I’m totally in love with the result.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is… Freeform sometimes has a mind of its own but if you allow yourself the freedom to go along with where it’s taking you, bend a little even though that’s not what you originally intended, allow the colours & textures to speak – you’ll be pleasantly surprised – I was…

Beautiful Coraloid goes to the USA


Coralloid Wrap

I love this piece, it really does have that WOW!! effect on everyone & I’m even a little sad to see it go… But a lovely girl in the US owns it now so it’s off to a good home where it will be loved & cherished as it should be…

Coralloid is a gorgeous wrap evoking deep sea corals with its rich, lively colours & lustrous beaded bullions.

Beaded tassels add extra weight & drape to the garment & a large hook & eye holds the wrap in place or use a scarf pin & drape it any way you like.

A truly unique piece of wearable art

For lovers of Black & White…

I love this  little handbag, it’s just so cute & gorgeous – perfect for that special evening out.

Freeform crochet with just a touch of bling has been stitched & glued to an existing bag. 

The gusset has been worked in Tunisian crochet.

The inside is lined in black satin & has a small pocket.

The snap clip gives secure closure.

Size: 21.5cm(8 ½”) x 17.5cm (7”) x 7.5cm (3”)

Weight: 268 grms

Amy – How A Felted Jumper Becomes A Handbag – E-book Tutorial

~ This E-book Tutorial (12 pages) is available as PDF downloads from this blog & on Ravelry, Etsy & Zibbet ~

Reclaim that old woollen jumper & turn it into a stylish handbag

It’s easy to become excited about this up-cycled, eco-friendly project & even easier to make. The tutorial takes you through the basics of washing machine felting, laying out pattern or template & embellishments – the step-by-step instructions are given in written form with clear photos & diagrams with some alternatives included


* Old woollen jumper

* Top-load washing machine

* Pure soap

* Template – 26 cm (10”) embroidery hoop or strong cardboard

* Sewing machine

* Crochet hooks of choice

* Eyelash yarn of choice

* Plain 8ply yarn of choice

* Sharp scissors

* Darning needle

* Sewing needle & strong cotton thread

* 2 buttons/beads

As a new year begins…

…. I wonder…. just where did the old one go? 2009 whizzed by but looking back I realise what full & productive a year it really was…


I started this website/blog with very little tech knowledge & bumbled though learning so much along the way – my aim to be informative & hopefully recruit more enthusiasts to the exciting world of Freeform can be gauged by the amount of hits, comments & emails I’ve received over the year  so I’m  certainly giving this goal the big tick of success…

‘Freeform Crochet & Beyond’, was published & wholeheartedly endorsed by those already immersed or just embarking on the Freeform journey. Many thanks for all the wonderful feedback I’ve received

Alice Springs Beanie Festival entry ~ ‘Australia in colour’ ~ won the Spirit of the Land Category  & I now have this fabulous ‘Camel Trophy’….. my best prize ever!


Joined Ravelry & found all the fibre, crochet & knitting nutters in one place – I’ve met some truly remarkable people & what a joy this has been….

Encouraged by family I’m now on Facebook & even have a Fan Page – good grief!!! what next?

I bit the bullet & opened an Etsy Shop… where I’ve met a great bunch of Aussie Girls in the Dust Team & would probably still be foundering about had it not been for their help & support- it’s been huge learning curve (that is still going on) but I’ve enjoyed every minute – so much in fact, that I decide to open 2 more – one on Artfire & another on Zibbet – I may have over-extended myself here but I’ll just see how things go…..[edited August 2011: what a shame… Artfire no longer supports basic accounts]

There has also been a lot of creative participation throughout the year -‘ The Four Seasons’ challenge  – National Gallery Pole knitSydney Hyperbolic Coral Reef Project – All great fun projects that wetted the creative juices….

Most importantly…  I’ve made some new & very special friendships (you know who you are) – thank you to all of you for your love, support & encouragement – as I look back on 2009… yep…. it’s been a fabulous year indeed….

So what’s in store for 2010?

At the moment I’m having a real fair dinkum  go at Knitting after discovering ‘Crazy Lace’ by Myra Wood – not really much of a knitter myself but this Crazy Lace has unleashed a whole new adventure – thanks Myra – I’m so enjoying it  & posting my first pics of one of many projects I’m working on…. Here’s hoping everyone has a wonderful creative 2010…..

Cotton Rainbow: Crazy Lace knit …. enjoy!


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