Granny Square Glamour….

OK… so they’re not traditional granny squares but a collection of square crochet motifs created in a variety of natural, synthetic & metallic yarns & incorporated into this ‘Glam’ vest for the discerning woman who dares to be different & enjoys a striking pose…

Isn’t it amazing what can be done with a little imagination?






When custom orders are a delight…


Janet - Freeform Crochet Vest

Some months ago a lovely return Etsy customer asked me if I could make her a vest in a specific size & nominated colours….

I’m always hesitant about taking on custom orders mainly because I’m never sure how a project will work out – Freeform has a habit of going off in all sorts of directions & not always in the direction I’m aiming towards ~ that hat I’m working on can quite easily lose its way & work better as a bag or vice versa ~ &, although I truly love this part of the Freeform process it can be a rather daunting when I really do have to stay on target…..

It took a while to make & there were a few moments of self-doubt from time to time, but it’s done & dusted now & this delight plum toned vest is off to its new home in the USA where the gorgeous lady is anxiously waiting for its arrival….

I’m super pleased with the results.

Cheeky Freestyle Crochet Vest/Top….

The idea for this cheeky freestyle crochet vest/top has been mulling around in my head for months &  I’m overjoyed to have finally finished it but now that it’s in front of me, I’m not entirely sure if it’s a vest, a top or perhaps a half jumper (sweater).

In any case, I was so happy with the result that I made another one just to prove to myself that it wasn’t a fluke.

Here’s what I did for No 1….

Gathered together a collection of complementary yarns (10 in all) & chose a large crochet hook [12mm] then, on my dressmakers dummy, I measured from the centre front to under the arm across the hip, approx 32 cm [12 1/2″] & made a chain.

From here on I worked in rows of dc [US sc] & tr [US dc] (not necessarily in that order), alternating yarns at random & increasing on one side only until it measured approx 79 cm [31″] across the top (shoulders)

~ I made 2 of these sort of triangles ~

From there it’s just a matter of sewing or crocheting the 2 pieces together across the top leaving a space for the neck opening & doing the same along the straight seam from the bottom up & leaving a space for the arm hole… done… well almost…. I just couldn’t leave well enough alone & decided to add some interesting tassels on each end of the sleeves.

The Cheeky Vest/top No 1 is available for sale in my Etsy shop

For No 2… I worked in the same way but I used only one yarn, the beautiful Noro Silk Garden yarn & No 9 (M/N) hook, this one turned out a bit longer in length but that’s OK because I’m keeping it for myself…

So there you go… something new to try out for yourself… experiment with yarns, hook size & stitches… easy enough to do & lots of pleasure & creativity in the process.. have fun…

Crystal Grove sees the light of day….

I’ve kept this freeform piece under wraps for far too long & think it’s time for it to see the light of day – Crystal Grove is a special favourite of mine because it was inspired in a remote forest reserve where I often go for solace and inspiration which influenced the colours, textures and mood of this composition. A combination of delicate to vibrant green shades & edged with pale green artificial crystal beads give this piece a mystical look & feel – closure is a large hook & eye at top neckline.

A truly unique, one of a kind garment – I hope you like it…

Another Super Easy Pattern

I just LOVE these Super Easy Patterns – work in a fine yarn or chunky… with a large hook or small… none if this matters so long as you follow the measurements given as your guide – if you love the 3 step summer shrug you will fall in love with this new user friendly crochet pattern just as quickly.

Not only can you use any yarn of choice or combination there of, you can wear this vest any which way you like – check it out on my Flickr photostream

Super Easy Vest – is another effortless garment for you to make. It’s adaptable to suit any size & worked by size, not number of stitches. Even though I have given yarn & hook requirements, because this pattern is worked by size not number of stitches the choice of yarn & hook is up to you –

Instructions are given in both UK & US terminology

As with all my recent patterns I like to think that even the most basic beginner will be able to have a go.