Crochet Spot Interview with Linda Cee

Thank you, Linda Cee of lindcee who was the guest writer for Crochet Spot this week & invited me to do an interview.

~ Always an honour & much appreciated ~

It’s wonderful to see so much crochet interest & activity going on everywhere around the globe… &, no matter whether you’re making  scarves for your loved ones or delving into freeform, just keep your hooks & yarn working – enjoy!

You can read the interview here…

Interview with Underground Crafter…

Being selected for an interview is always such an honour  & I’m particularly pleased that Marie Segares has chosen me to be her 100th interview on her blog Underground Crafter. To celebrate her milestone she is having a  givaways kick off so go check it out…

Marie has generously interviewed  various talented crafters… her questions are always interesting & thoughtful & her many  book reviews are objective & constructive.  I’d like to thank you, Marie, for giving me the opportunity – it’s been a real pleasure!

You will find the interview & book review for ‘Bring Colour to Crochet’ here – I hope you enjoy it…

interview with Handbaglessons

A little while ago  Eni Oken from a new site Handbaglessons invited me to do an interview – I’m usually a bit shy about doing interviews but Eni’s questions were  interesting & thoughtful so I gave it a go –  thank you Eni & Dani it’s been a pleasure…

here’s the link for those who would like to have a read Interview – rensfibreart

check it out… Handbaglessons is a site for members to learn & teach (buy & sell E-products) – show their work in gallery & forums – A place for handbag lovers to meet & exchange ideas.

I’ve been Tottied…..

This is shameless promotion thanks to Noreen Crone-Findlay’s interview on her Tottie Talks Crafts blog & where you can  read more interviews of Artists who contributed to the 2010 Freeform  Freeform Challenge book ‘Somewhere in my world‘.  The proceeds of the book will go to & Mercy Corp for Haitian relief which, I’m sure you’ll agree, are 2 worthy causes.

The 2010 International Freeform Guild’s show, Somewhere in My World includes 61 freeform fiber artists from all around the globe.

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