Interview with Underground Crafter…

Being selected for an interview is always such an honour  & I’m particularly pleased that Marie Segares has chosen me to be her 100th interview on her blog Underground Crafter. To celebrate her milestone she is having a  givaways kick off so go check it out…

Marie has generously interviewed  various talented crafters… her questions are always interesting & thoughtful & her many  book reviews are objective & constructive.  I’d like to thank you, Marie, for giving me the opportunity – it’s been a real pleasure!

You will find the interview & book review for ‘Bring Colour to Crochet’ here – I hope you enjoy it…

Bring Colour To Crochet – 64 multi-coloured squares – New Crochet Book

Introducing my new book ‘Bring Colour To Crochet’, a 64 multi-coloured squares sampler to tempt crochet enthusiasts no matter your skill level. I’m so very excited about this new publication – my hope is that it encourages the novice to expand their crochet horizons, & provides new colour & stitch dimensions for the more experienced.

My aim with this book is to present the reader with 64 interesting & practical stitch patterns that explore the many varied ways of introducing colour & novelty into their work. Bringing colour into a project can be as easy as working rows of surface chain across some plain double crochet, dc (US sc) to more challenging techniques as changing colour within a given pattern. Freeformers too, will discover some novel stitches & interesting ways of bringing colour to their work.

To finally see ‘Bring Colour To Crochet’ in print is a wonderful proud moment for me but it would never have been possible without the guidance of Sally Milner Publications & the fabulous support of my crochet class ladies who constantly spur me forward.

Bring Colour to crochet is available worldwide ~ ISBN: 978-1-86351-414-9

Click here for a preview of what you’ll find inside ~ Happy crocheting…..