Living in our new house & loving it…

kitchen beforekitchen duringkitchen-pantry-after Hello everyone, yes… I’m back… it’s been 3 months since the move & for the first 2 months I didn’t have regular internet access which was incredibly frustrating to say the least, but thank you to everyone who contacted me & my apologies if I missed replying to anyone. Also, a big thank you & welcome to all new followers, I hope I’ll be able to add some new & interesting crochet & creative stuff as I get more settled…

However, I haven’t been idle (& won’t be for some time yet)… renovating our new abode has been (& will be) a lot of hard work & many a meltdown (hopefully not too many) but, it’s been worth every minute of effort – we are really enjoying our new country-style life…

There’s still lots to do but, bit by bit, everything is coming together… my planned showroom & workshop/classroom is still very much a work in progress & I can’t say when I’ll be fully up & running again… but I will be opening my shops over the next couple  of days &, of course, the patterns are available as usual…

I’ve posted a selection of before & after photos on Flickr for those interested to see what I’ve been up to… I’m busting to be more creative active but if I’ve learnt anything at all over the past months it’s that… ‘patience is a virtue’ – a pain in the neck – but a must… everything has its own time…

I’m Moving House….

combieAs of 19th April 2013 I’ll be unavailable to answer any of your queries.

My DIGITAL PDF PATTERNS will remain available for auto purchase as usual on both Etsy & Ravelry & are downloadable once payment is complete…

However, for a short while, all physical Etsy & Zibbet shop items will be deactivated from 19th April until my return, which I hope won’t be too long… I’m so looking forward to this new beginning &, while I’m here, I’d like to say how much I’ve appreciated the support I’ve received so far… til then, thank you for your patience & understanding…

I’ll be back, Renate

Filet Crochet Tutorial – The Basics

FIL-TITLE-1This Filet Crochet Tutorial has been a long time coming &, to those of you who have been waiting for it, please accept my apologies… I have to admit that writing the instructions in ‘plain speak’ for easy understanding proved to be a bit more challenging than working the actual technique itself…

Filet crochet lace is possibly one of the easiest techniques to master. Most of you will recognise Filet as fine lace like items such as: curtains, tablecloths & runners, or ground fabric for Irish lace motifs traditionally worked in cotton thread with a steel hook… it’s delicate, old-world & lovely.Book mark

However, if you take it a step further, Filet also makes a fabulous ground fabric for your Freeform motifs, or scarves & shawls, when worked in 8 ply (or your yarn of choice) with an appropriate hook – traditionalist may cringe at this but most of you know my approach by now… I like to mixed it up & give anything a try…

In any case, whether you want to work traditionally or venture out & experiment, the basics for Filet are the same… I hope this comprehensive tutorial gives you everything you need, from reading charts to working an armhole on a vest, & becomes a good reference point that leads the way into this age-old technique.

Patterns are presented to the reader as charts or grids instead of written patterns so with a bit of graph paper you can even create your own designs if you have a mind to.

You can purchase the pattern from here,


The Filet crochet tutorial (17 pages) takes you through the basics of Filet Crochet in both written (UK & US terminology) & diagram form & covers the following:

  • How to read charts (graphs) – (pg 2)
  • Determining the number of chains required for foundation chain (pg 2)
  • What is a Space, Block, Lacet & Bar(pg 3)
  • Stitch Abbreviations(pg 3)
  • Stitch Guide (written & drawings): slip st, dc (US sc), tr (US dc) (pg 4)
  • Stitch Guide continued: dtr (US tr), trtr (US dtr) – tr decrease (US dc decrease) (pg 5)
  • Basic Filet Mesh Lace (written, diagram & drawing): spaces & blocks  (pg 6)
  • Basic Filet mesh lace continued: Lacets & bars (pg 7)
  • Shaping: increasing space at beginning & end of row (pg 8)
  • Shaping continued: decreasing space at beginning & end of row, increasing block at beginning & end of row, decreasing block at beginning & end of row (pg 9)
  • Shaping for Garments: increasing blocks at beginning & end of rows – (pg 10)
  • Shaping for garments continued: increasing spaces at beginning & end of rows (pg 11)
  • Shaping for garments continued: decreasing & decreasing blocks at beginning & end of rows – (pg-12)
  •  Three super easy projects to get you started
  • Book Mark (chart & photo) – (pg 13)
  • Scarf (photo & chart) – (pg 14)
  • Purse – (chart, photo, written, diagrams, drawings) (pg 15 to 17)

filet purse

Crochet Felt Hat Beanie Winter Collection

Hello everyone, allow me to introduce  my new winter hat beanie collection… a combination of crochet, felted crochet & wet felting… all made from 100% wool, with assorted cotton & acrylic yarns, glass & wooden bead embellishments.

The collection came about while I was incapacitated some weeks back with a back injury & given strict instructions to take it easy… hmmm… Well, that’s always easier said than done….

So, what to do? I couldn’t just sit around feeling sorry for myself…. a poke around in my stash, I found a whole bag full of feltable yarns purchased some time ago &, as usually happens, completely forgotten about… so, with a collection of favourite DVD’s, I set to work crocheting the hat beanie crowns that I later felted in the washing machine (no strain, no pain)…& they came up a treat… from there I slowly added the crochet bands & embellishments… time well spent, time not wasted & Yes… I did take it easy…. Enjoy!

Over the coming days  these hat beanies will be available for sale on Etsy.

Freeform Crochet Jester Hat Beanie…

Hooray!!! I finished this freeform jester hat today…

…it’s taken a bit of time but I’m really happy that I persevered, stuck to the task at hand &, didn’t let it become another UFO project.

Yes, I must confess, I do have a few of those; projects that begin with great enthusiasm but somehow get put aside for one reason or another: interest wanes, loss of ideas or simply because everyday life gets in the way & I can’t seem to get back to them.

For this Freeform Crochet Jester Hat Beanie I worked my scrumples around a 28 cm (11”) wide x 21.5 cm (8 ½”) high rectangle template, crab stitched the top edge together, added hooded tassels to the peaks & also tidied the bottom edge with crab stitch… I’m so ‘in love’ with this colour mix at the moment – I hope you like it too…

The Freeform Jester Hat Beanie has sold

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