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A little while ago  Eni Oken from a new site Handbaglessons invited me to do an interview – I’m usually a bit shy about doing interviews but Eni’s questions were  interesting & thoughtful so I gave it a go –  thank you Eni & Dani it’s been a pleasure…

here’s the link for those who would like to have a read Interview – rensfibreart

check it out… Handbaglessons is a site for members to learn & teach (buy & sell E-products) – show their work in gallery & forums – A place for handbag lovers to meet & exchange ideas.

Bring Colour To Crochet – 64 multi-coloured squares – New Crochet Book

Introducing my new book ‘Bring Colour To Crochet’, a 64 multi-coloured squares sampler to tempt crochet enthusiasts no matter your skill level. I’m so very excited about this new publication – my hope is that it encourages the novice to expand their crochet horizons, & provides new colour & stitch dimensions for the more experienced.

My aim with this book is to present the reader with 64 interesting & practical stitch patterns that explore the many varied ways of introducing colour & novelty into their work. Bringing colour into a project can be as easy as working rows of surface chain across some plain double crochet, dc (US sc) to more challenging techniques as changing colour within a given pattern. Freeformers too, will discover some novel stitches & interesting ways of bringing colour to their work.

To finally see ‘Bring Colour To Crochet’ in print is a wonderful proud moment for me but it would never have been possible without the guidance of Sally Milner Publications & the fabulous support of my crochet class ladies who constantly spur me forward.

Bring Colour to crochet is available worldwide ~ ISBN: 978-1-86351-414-9

Click here for a preview of what you’ll find inside ~ Happy crocheting…..

Granny Square Update… Diagonal Granny Square

The Diagonal Granny Square:

Here’s another addition the ever popular Granny Square for those of you who would like to work with 2 colours on the diagonal ~ I came up with this method after searching high & low for easy to read diagonal granny square patterns, I’m sure there are more patterns out there, I just couldn’t find them…

The written pattern for this Diagonal Granny Square is quite wordy ~ hopefully the stitch diagrams will help guide you through – the pattern is given in both UK & US terminology, with colour diagrams (chart), photos & abbreviations

This one is for you, Peggy…… enjoy!

Granny Squares by Halves

In answer to the many requests… here it is, finally… ‘The Half Granny Square’

Free PDF download nowFor granny square lovers who also enjoy utilising this nifty little gem into clothing like vests, jumpers (pullovers) & skirts, to name a few, but don’t like the boxy & unflattering finish that so often result. The half granny square may be just the answer – an easy way to shape armholes, neck & hem lines or used it anyway you like….

I hope you will find the patterns for multi & single coloured granny squares easy to follow & the beginning of a new Granny Square adventure…. Enjoy!!

The Humble Granny Square revisited…

The Humble Granny Square is back… most people who crochet will know The Granny Square, it’s been around forever, or so it seems & perhaps this alone may be why it is so often overlooked, or relegated to the boring basket.

However, recently I’ve been noticing a resurgence of the Granny Square in all its shapes & sizes & it’s made me think…. although I’ve gained reams of experience & moved on to more challenging projects over the years, I can’t help but be mindful of how much I owe to the good ol’ Granny Square… they are how I learnt to crochet & where my crochet journey really began so many moons ago &, I suspect, this applies to almost everyone who loves to crochet – after all, we all had to start somewhere & the humble Granny Square made with loving care is a beautiful thing.

Who hasn’t dug out that old granny square rug on a chilly winter’s evening, wrapped themselves in its wooly warmth for a night in front of TV? Have a look behind the scenes while watching your favorite sitcom, there’s most probably a brightly coloured rug thrown randomly over a chair to add that homely touch.

So, what’s so great about this little gem?

  • they are super easy to make
  • they are a great way to use up all those odds & ends in your yarn stash
  • you can use any yarn you like & work with any size hook you’re comfortable with
  • you can make your squares using a single colour, harmonies, contrasts, mono tones or be as random as your heart desires
  • you can make your square any size you want & join them as you wish to make a blanket, bunny rug, vest, scarf, jacket, slippers, handbag… gosh, the list is far too long to name them all
  • or you can just keep going around & around adding new colours (or not) at will
  • they are possibly the best way for learners to gain speed & understanding, with the bonus of having a lovely handmade item at the end of it
  • &, once you’ve mastered this easy one it may lead you on to try others… there are hundreds

If you are new to crochet (or perhaps just want a refresher) & would like to give the Granny Square a go you’ll find, what I hope are easy to follow instructions on, ‘The Humble Granny Square’ page of Crochet tips & Tricks – enjoy

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