Tapestry Crochet – 64 Playful Patterns for Children… Book Release….

Tapestry_coverFrontXI’m so happy to announce the release of my latest pattern book ‘Tapestry Crochet, 64 playful patterns for children’, published by Sally Milner Publishing.

This book is another crochet sampler & my aim is to introduce readers to yet another crochet technique & encourage avid experienced crocheters & beginners alike to try something new, expand their repertoire & enjoy themselves with some colourful, fun designs.

Utilising all 64 patterns will result in a rug (afghan) approx 152cm x 152cm (60” x 60”) in size but there is no reason why you can’t choose a selection of favourites (say 30 to 36 squares) for a smaller knee rug (afghan) or, by putting together just 4 squares you’ll have a colourful cushion face.

The patterns are divided into 8 sections:

(1) Figures & letters ~ (2) Signs & symbols ~ (3) Children & toys ~ (4) Transport (5) Fruit & veg ~ (6) Around the house ~ (7) This & that ~ (8) Birds & animals

so you can please yourself which designs suit your project… be it for a boy or girl, baby, young child or teenager… or even work just a few patterned squares alternated with plain coloured squares…

In Tapestry Crochet (as in Intarsia/Jacquard) a chart, graph or grid is used instead of written instructions for coloured patterns. Each square equals a stitch, each line equals a row and each blank square equals the main colour. Follow grids from the bottom and read right-side rows from right to left and wrong-side rows from left to right. All squares are worked in double crochet [dc] (US: single crochet [sc]). And, for reader convenience, I have written the required number of stitches for each colour, with arrows indicating row direction.   tapestry_rug   I’m really pleased to be able to bring you this collection of Tapestry designs & I hope it gives you hours of creative enjoyment – Renate

Freeform Home Decor…

OK, I know I’ve made cushion covers before so they’re not really something new but I had forgotten just how much I enjoy playing within the limits of the circle/square (no going out of the lines, like when you were a kid & colouring in) – keep in mind the design… colour, texture, form – where to fill in & where to leave spaces. After my usual willy-nilly-freeforming & doing as I please, staying within the lines is actually more challenging than I remember.

Creating your own freeform cushion covers is a lot of fun, not only because you have a ready made template, but you can really let your imagination fly & bring together some of those much loved crafts that you also like to do as a change of pace… the felting, dyeing, beading & sewing… these cushion covers do take a lot of time but, I think you’ll agree, they look fabulous & will certainly brighten the world with colour & textural happiness…

Metamorphosis: Scrumptious Plum tones bring this gorgeous Freeform Crochet Cushion Cover alive …

A lavish array of Vilene, machine & wet felted patches, felt beads, crochet motifs & glass bead embellishments have been sewn directly onto a pre-made cushion cover leaving lots of spaces for the original cover fabric to show through.

Metamorphosis is avalaible for sale in my Etsy Shop

Tropical Seas: Freeform Fabric created in vibrant blues & greens with a scattering of glass beading, sparkles… just like a tropical sea…

Tropical Seas is avalaible for sale in my Etsy Shop

One for the cowboy/girls & one for the Pink Princess

2 new additions to the shop – the colours in the glasses case simply remind me of cowboys – hence Rodeo & the cushion cover is just over-the-top for those Pink Princesses out there…..

Rodeo – Glasses Case


My new ETSY shop

OK… so I finally did it… I bit the bullet & opened my Etsy shop this week. It’s only small but I hope to add to it often.
Any comments, opinions & critiques are welcomed

Chocolate Box- Cushion Cover



A peek at what’s inside Freeform & Beyond

here’s a little peek at what’s inside my new book Freeform & Beyond

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