Beautiful Coraloid goes to the USA


Coralloid Wrap

I love this piece, it really does have that WOW!! effect on everyone & I’m even a little sad to see it go… But a lovely girl in the US owns it now so it’s off to a good home where it will be loved & cherished as it should be…

Coralloid is a gorgeous wrap evoking deep sea corals with its rich, lively colours & lustrous beaded bullions.

Beaded tassels add extra weight & drape to the garment & a large hook & eye holds the wrap in place or use a scarf pin & drape it any way you like.

A truly unique piece of wearable art

Alice Springs 09 Beanie Fest Entries

it’s that time of year again – The Alice Springs Beanie Festival – unfortunately I can’t be there to participate in all the fun but look forward to seeing all the wonderful creativity this festival generates –

these are my 2 contributions