Alice Springs 09 Beanie Fest Entries

it’s that time of year again – The Alice Springs Beanie Festival – unfortunately I can’t be there to participate in all the fun but look forward to seeing all the wonderful creativity this festival generates –

these are my 2 contributions


Author: rensfibreart

Australian Freeform Fibre Artist, Craft teacher & Author

8 thoughts on “Alice Springs 09 Beanie Fest Entries”

  1. Just found out you won the Spirit of the Land catergory – CONGRATULATIONS!! Your beanies are an inspiration!

  2. Congratulations !! Winner of the ‘Spirit of the Land’ category!!! Well done and what stunning work !!

  3. Ideas for beanies…. well, they come from all directions, I am basically a freeformer remember, & I often start with an inspirational yarn allowing the colour or texture to lead the way – in the case of the Beanie Fest I take my lead from the entry categories – but I also look around me, texture can found in tree barks, rocks, leaves & of course the colours in nature are endless

    if you feel your beanies aren’t interesting enough why not think about some surface embellishments – buttons, beads, tassels, contrasting yarn threaded or crochet onto it, individual motifs can also be stitched in place & don’t forget felting – the crowns of my Rasta hats were all crochet then felted & the bands crochet directly to the crowns & then I added the tassels, beads etc – don’t be afraid to experiment, try out that wacky idea, you’ll be surprised how one idea leads onto another – not all your ideas will work out but it’s a lot of fun trying –

    your alpaca wool is a wonderful start – I hope that was some help – most importantly believe in yourself & trust your intuition – R

  4. How do you come up with the ideas for the beanies. I will have to start thinking. I have a heap of alpaca wool to spin but after looking at some of the beanie mine are rather boring.

  5. thank you, yvette, the beanie fest is always a lot of creative fun – can’t imagine anyone actually wearing these mad creations but then again you never know!!

  6. Love your beanie, I have just found out about the festival, might have to make some for next year.

  7. Reading last year about the beany festifal I could not believe my eyes…I think your beanies will be a big succes!

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