Freeform Crochet Jester Hat Beanie…

Hooray!!! I finished this freeform jester hat today…

…it’s taken a bit of time but I’m really happy that I persevered, stuck to the task at hand &, didn’t let it become another UFO project.

Yes, I must confess, I do have a few of those; projects that begin with great enthusiasm but somehow get put aside for one reason or another: interest wanes, loss of ideas or simply because everyday life gets in the way & I can’t seem to get back to them.

For this Freeform Crochet Jester Hat Beanie I worked my scrumples around a 28 cm (11”) wide x 21.5 cm (8 ½”) high rectangle template, crab stitched the top edge together, added hooded tassels to the peaks & also tidied the bottom edge with crab stitch… I’m so ‘in love’ with this colour mix at the moment – I hope you like it too…

The Freeform Jester Hat Beanie is available for sale in my Etsy shop

Freestyle Knit, Freeform Crochet scarf, shawl, wrap

Just finished this freestyle knit, freeform crochet scarf, shawl, wrap & listed it for sale in my Etsy shop

I’ve named this piece ‘Creme de Menthe’ for it’s sweet peppermint, turquoise & beige shades & gorgeous, spicy pizzaz – finding the right colours for the freeform motifs was a bit of a challenge but I think they work well & the chunky glass & tiny metallic beads add  that something extra

I’m very pleased with the result…..

Crochet Fan Lace Shawl, Wrap, Scarf Pattern

My newest Crochet Fan Lace Shawl/Scarf/Wrap Pattern is a little different from the norm in that it’s worked from the bottom up, which is fabulous when you have a limited amount of a particular yarn & you’re unsure just how far it will go – just start at the bottom & keep going until you run out of yarn.

The crochet fan lace shawl/scarf/wrap pattern works up quickly & can be worked in your choice of yarn & hook size

I used Scheepjeswol Granada 100% 8 ply cotton for the pattern photo item.

  • The pattern includes:
  • the shawl/scarf pattern
  • both UK & US terminology
  • clear stitch drawings & pattern diagrams (charts)
  • step by step instruction for the Clone Bobble tassel

My Mum gave me 2 x 50 gram balls of this yellow & what I can only  guess to be some kind of acrylic mohair…  demanding I make something…. my first thoughts were ‘eeegads…!!’ Really? It’s so very bright & garish… &, well,.. so yellow…. nevertheless I did as I was told & to my surprise it worked up beautifully &  Mum  is super delighted… so it goes to show… you never know until you have a go….

And then, I simply had to have another go with the crochet fan lace shawl/scarf/wrap pattern this time using 4 ply Mini Mochi by Crystal Palace Yarns. Don’t you just love this yarn? Colour way, texture & workability… all of it, gorgeous…

So there you go folks.. a ‘can do’ for beginners & a quickie for the more experience… have lots of fun with this newbie

You can purchase the Crochet Fan Lace shawl wrap pattern from here or, if you prefer, from Ravely ~ Etsy ~ Zibbet

Sunflower Happiness – a crochet rug (afghan) pattern

I was in need of a bright, happy rug for a special gift – something quick & easy & a little different that I would be proud to give.

The original idea came to me as a traditional sunflower, you know, bright yellow/orange petals, chocolate brown centre, surrounded by a lovely creamy white… Hmmm… it looks OK but not really what I was hoping for… I wanted something a lot more cheerful & so, after much fiddling about, this is the result… Yep.., I’m very happy with it…

This is a nice & easy scrap yarn crochet rug (afghan) ideal for the less experienced.

Each square measures approx 16.5 cm (6 ½”) x 16.5 cm (6 ½”) – make as many squares as you need depending on your project – a little cot cover, a medium TV knee rug or a king size bedspread

Requirements: for the 5 square x 6 square rug I used: scrap yarn from my stash for colours & approx 230 grams 8ply cream acrylic (Panda, Magnum soft) for main colour – Hook size 4.00mm (US G)

Although I’ve given yarn & hook requirements, this is your project & you know how I always like to encourage you to work with your own preferred colours & appropriate hook to make the project your own – enjoy!

  • The pattern includes:
  • afghan square pattern
  • joining squares together & border instructions
  • both UK & US terminology
  • clear stitch drawings & pattern diagrams (charts)

The pattern is available from here or, if you prefer, from Ravelry ~ Etsy ~  Zibbet

Crochet Scallops & Spirals Ebook.

Happy, happy days… the Crochet Scallop & Spiral Ebook is finally finished & ready for sale – it took a while but I feel sure you’re going to enjoy the variety of patterns I’ve included.

If you’re familiar with my work you will know that I really like scallops & particularly love spirals; I incorporate them into my freeform work all the time.

So it comes as no surprise that if there’s one thing that I get asked about, more than anything else, it’s crochet spirals & scallops – how I vary them from pattern to pattern, how I embellish & keeping them interesting.

Hence, I’ve put together this Ebook (17 pages) in the hope that the collection of 7 crochet scallops & 6 crochet spirals will address & answer the many questions you have passed on to me & perhaps even a couple you haven’t thought of yet….

All the patterns are complete in their own right but they also lend themselves beautifully to experimentation & freeform crochet. Spirals are made as separate motifs – Scallop motifs are made separately but I also give instruction for working them directly onto your fabric.

I’d like to encourage everyone to play around with your own ideas, substituting suggested yarns / stitch size / hook size & what ever else you come up with

  • The patterns include:
  • written patterns with both UK & US terminology for each motif
  • pattern diagrams (charts) for each motif
  • clear colour photos of each motif
  • special stitch drawings & instruction
  • a quick bullion tutorial
  • embellishment suggestions
  • Suggested Requirements:
  • assorted hooks (4mm – 4.25mm (US G) – 5mm (US H))
  • assorted 8ply yarn
  • assorted ribbon yarn
  • assorted metallic thread
  • assorted crochet cotton 

you can read my personal thoughts on spirals on this Ideas & Inspiration Page

You will find the The Crochet Scallops & Spirals Ebook for sale from here or, if you prefer, from Ravelry, Etsy or Zibbet