When Technology Lets you down… back to basics & Crochet on…..

It seems like an age since my last post… with Christmas & New Year celebrations well & truly over, I was keen to get back to what I love, writing patterns. With lots of ideas floating around in my head, I wanted to get them written down on my trusty work computer; the computer I’ve had for years. She had all the bits & pieces I need for the precise & intricate details required for pattern writing… You can imagine my stress & panic: when she refused to start up & the Techie sadly shook his head…

So, years of work gone… my fault really… I should have up-dated regularly, I should have backed-up more often… well, I didn’t, trusting that the ‘old girl’ would go on forever… naive, silly me…

However, it’s not the end of the world… some of my work can be re-loaded onto another  computer, unfortunately, I was using very old programs so more up-to-date ones will need to be found & I’ll be able to re-build… A whole new learning curve… yikes! that’s a job…

Meanwhile, crochet on… just so you know I haven’t been completely idle, here are a few new items I’ve created, with more to come, & which I’ll be listing in my Etsy Shop over the coming weeks as I get more photos done… stay tuned…


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6 thoughts on “When Technology Lets you down… back to basics & Crochet on…..”

  1. Thank you, Petronella, for your lovely compliments & yes, do take note of my careless, inattention to the technical side to our work… it will be a slow road back… pen & paper will have to do in the meantime… 🙂

  2. Hi Renate, Wow, what a shock to lose your data. Trust you get all the help you need to gather the information. Updated programs will be an asset in the end. This is a wake-up call for me as well, Always so into the next creative idea that is filling my mind, that saving what is past, is done in a rush and I move on. Thank you for all the beautiful things you share with us. I love your work and am in awe of everything you achieve.

  3. Thank you woollygael 🙂 yes, I also still have some of my paper notes but, as you said, it’ll be a long haul getting everything back on track again. Sometimes lessons are learnt the hard way… I’m not one to be put off by a challenge so will chalk this one up as just another… 🙂

  4. Oooh, my sympathies. That happened to me 3 years ago with all my knitting patterns, photots etc. And I HAD backed up – only the back up had a virus…….. I still have my original pencil notes, but they have to be reworked and the samples remade for photos, so it’s a long haul (but new designs intervening along the way too)

  5. Dear Renate,
    hopefully you are succecful with your computer problem! I really can understand.
    Your new items are wonderful as usual!
    Best wishes,

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