Down but not out… just a little setback…

Hello everyone, due to some unforeseen health issues that came one after the other, it’s been quite some time since my last post – First… a dead left arm & shoulder (too much crochet, I suspect) – rest & massage took care of that. Then, I woke with a crink in the neck, which developed into a Wry Neck… totally disabling, extremely painful & requiring much physiotherapy. You would think that this is enough to force me to rest & refrain from crochet & the computer (& so called repetitive activities). But no… I had to go one step further…

While looking after my elderly neighbour’s dog, when she went into hospital for some tests, I was bitten on the right hand. Not a serious bite (I thought)… nevertheless… off to the docs, tetanus shot, antibiotic, bandages… all very dramatic… 2 days later I was rushed into hospital with excruciatingly painful Cellulitis & found myself on an IV drip for 3 days… scary stuff indeed!!

Goes to show how quickly things can change in an instant. They say things come in 3’s, Soooo… that’s definitely it… I’ve accepted the forced rest but my hooks & keyboard have been idle long enough now & I’m raring to get back into it. Besides, all those unfinished projects, that are dotting the house, are screaming to be dealt with…

And so life goes on…. Just before all this happened I wanted to post about my new little helper, a lovely, full size mannequin. I had purchased her with the intention of revamping my photos to showcase each piece to its best advantage. I did manage to get many done & posted in my Etsy & Zibbet shops – I wonder, did anyone notice the gallery updates?

Isn’t she gorgeous? If you have a moment, I’d really love your feedback… thank you everyone for your ongoing support… It’s good to be back.


Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia

Author: rensfibreart

Australian Freeform Fibre Artist, Craft teacher & Author

6 thoughts on “Down but not out… just a little setback…”

  1. Sorry you had to go through all that , but the body was fighting for rest, I know, so MAKE time 2 rest.glad you over it all, and well done 100times for all your interesting things you do and share. Stay well lv Gloria from South Africa

  2. Très bon retour à vous et bonne santé désormais,
    Mohair à Paris – France

  3. She looks incredibly real. I bet you have hours of fun playing with her!
    Hope your health improves!
    Bimbi x

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