More hyperbolics – just couldn’t help it

OK…. so call me obsessive but I just couldn’t help myself – I just had to make some more coral for the Sydney reef – this time I used ‘Fiesta Yarn’ by Arbee, a polypropylene ribbon & just love the results – However, the idea to use the ‘Fiesta Yarn’  was not mine – all credit for this great fun idea must go to Meg-an-jack – please check out her fabulous fibre art

Seeing her wonderful coral pieces reminded me that I had a whole bag of the stuff somewhere in my stash & so…. these new pieces will also be added to my contribution to the Sydney Hyperbolic Coral Reef Project

Sydney Hyperbolic Coral Reef Project - Fiesta YarnSydney Hyperbolic Coral Reef Project - No 10Sydney Hyperbolic Coral Reef Project - No 11Sydney Hyperbolic Coral Reef Project - No 12Sydney Hyperbolic Coral Reef Project - No 13

Author: rensfibreart

Australian Freeform Fibre Artist, Craft teacher & Author

3 thoughts on “More hyperbolics – just couldn’t help it”

  1. thanks Megg,

    a wonderful mindless escape

    But I must come back to earth… the dishes are still waiting for me in the sink… the raffia sounds like a great idea, look forward to seeing what your clever hands come up with….

  2. Another Wow ! Love the fluorescent colour ! I found a ball of purple rafia the other day in the opp shop and just had to buy it for some more coral. I’m finding it a wonderful mindless escape, from all my obsessiveness in a local protest.
    Sitting and freeforming hyperbolic crochet, is so rewarding!

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