Tassels, Fringes & other Dangly Bits Tutorial PDF Ebook


Tassels, Fringes & other Dangly Bits Tutorial

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A broad collection of 24 Tassels, Fringes & Other Dangly Bits to add novelty & interest to your work.

Over the years I’ve always been on the lookout for interesting additions to my of Freeform, crochet & felting work; ‘Tassels, Fringes & Other Dangly Bits’ fall easily into that space where a little variety and/or originality is required to complete a project.

‘Tassels, fringes & other dangly bits’ brings some razzle-dazzle to your projects, whether it’s a freeform crochet piece, a scarf, shawl or hat, or even add some pizzazz to your rugs (afghans), throw pillows, bedspreads, lampshades & other soft furnishings.

A few beads, here and there, gives a touch of glitz and glamour plus adds weight to the tassel/fringe so it hangs better.

* Enjoy yourself with these patterns, suggestions & ideas – experiment with yarns, colours & textures. I’ve tried to cover a broad range of creative ideas in this collection &  hope you find it useful & inspirational.

The 21 page Ebook brings together a selection of 24 tassels, fringes & other dangly bits &, where appropriate, patterns are written in both UK & US terminology, with diagrams, charts & photos &, covers the following:

Crochet Abbreviations (page 2)
1) Standard Single Tassel (page 3)
2) Standard Double Tassel (page 3)
3) Twisted Cord Tassel (page 4)
4) Crochet Chain Fringe (page 4)
5) Standard Clump Tassel (page 5)
6) Ponytail Clump Tassel (page 5)
7) Hooded Tassel (page 6)
8) Clone Tassel (page 7)
9) Off-set Clover Tassel (page 8)
10) Crochet Chain Link Tassel (page 9)
11) Joined Crochet Link Tassel (page 9-10)
12) Barrel Knots (page 10)
13) Adding Beads (page 11)
14) Adding Single Beads (page 12)
15) Beaded Fringe (page 12)
16) What to do with tassel tail ends (page 13)
17) Hanging Crochet Ball Tassel (page 14)
18) Crochet Circular Medallion Tassel (page 15)
19) Crochet Square Medallion Tassel (page 16-17)
20) Crochet Diamond Medallion Tassel (page 16-17)
21) Crochet Triangular Medallion Tassel (page 17)
22) Crochet Cork Screw Tassel (page 18)
23) Wet & needle Felting ideas (page 19)
24) How to make Twisted Cords (page 20)
25) How to make Pompoms (page 21)

The PDF pattern Ebook (21 pages) will be sent to you as a download link to your  email address once payment is complete. You will require Adobe Reader to view the PDF pattern.

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I’m committed to, & take great pride in, providing accurate info, both written & diagram. However, should you come across any problems, questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me – Renate

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