Ideas & Inspirations No7 ~ Spirals

this will be my last post of the Ideas & Inspiration Series & therefore appropriate that I say something about the spiral – the symbol I have used, over & over again, in all of my work. Some time ago, someone commented about this but, all I could say at the time was that, ‘I just simply like it’… nevertheless, it starting me thinking… Why do I use it so often? And, what does it mean?

Since spirals are found everywhere in nature, I think it’s only natural that artists will be influenced by them no matter what walk of life we are from. I believe the spiral is intrinsic & embedded in everything we know & understand about ourselves, our world, the universe… be it: organic, mineral or abstract… perhaps this is the reason why it’s been so revered & used as a sacred symbol by humans since time began.

Spirals are simply beautiful to behold: centered, balanced & harmonious, yet, at the same time complex, wondrous & awe-inspiring. For me, personally, they represents life’s forces: since everything in life goes round & round in circles, to my mind, because we are always learning & experiencing, therefore adding to the progressive directions of our lives, these circles will never quite meet.


So… I guess in a nutshell, the Spiral illustrated my personal expanding journey for awareness… I just haven’t been conscious of it most of the time… but having that said… in the end….  I still just simply like them…

For those of you who are interested & would like to learn more about the spiral just google it… that should keep you busy for a few hours or so…

Tunisian Crochet Tutorial – Ebook

Over that past few months I have received a lot of mail from people asking about the Tunisian Crochet Technique which has led me to compiled this tutorial – I trust the reader will find it to be a comprehensive journey through the Tunisian basics & that it encourages them to delve deeper into this exciting crochet technique – My aim in writing the tutorial was to build confidence so that once you understands the basics you will venture out & explore the multitude of stitch combinations available.

This Ebook tutorial is now available in my Ravelry shop & also in my Etsy & Zibbet shops

Tunisian Crochet is worked on a long hook, not unlike a knitting needle, resulting in a rich-textured, woven fabric

The tutorial takes you through the basics of Tunisian Crochet in both written (UK & US terminology) & diagram form & covers the following:

  1. how to make the foundation chain (pg 2)
  2. how to make the basic foundation cast on row (pg 2)
  3. how to make the basic foundation cast off row (pg 2)
  4. how to make a basic Tunisian Knit stitch (pg 3)
  5. how to finishing off (pg 4)
  6. how to increase (pg 4)
  7. how to decrease (pg 4)
  8. how to make a basic Tunisian Solid Knit stitch (pg 5)
  9. how to make a basic Tunisian Purl Knit stitch (pg 6)
  10. how to make a basic Tunisian Treble stitch (pg 7)
  11. how to make a basic Tunisian puff stitch. Aligned puffs (pg 8)- Alternate Puffs (pg 9)
  12. how to bring in new yarn & change colour (pg 10)
  13. tips & tricks (pg-10)
  14. Three super easy projects to get you started Potholder (pg 11) Belt (pg 12) Scarf (pg 13)