Freestyle Crochet made easy….

I had this gorgeous hand-dyed, 100% pure wool 3 ply fingering yarn in my stash… what to do with it? It was far too precious to just incorporate bits & pieces of it into my freeform work.. it would simply get lost in amongst the flurry & bustle that freeform can be…

but I wasn’t up to painstakingly following a pattern to create something worthy of this beautiful yarn either… so what to do?…

with a large hook (10 mm (N/P) I made a long length of chain (I didn’t even count how many) & just started… one row of dc (US sc) so I knew where I was at &, from then on, I used a different pattern for each row improvising with plain stitches at the ends where the pattern didn’t quite fit…. I worked in this way until the yarn ran out – What a joy… true, no stress crochet….

This piece is available for sale in my Etsy Shop

Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia

Author: rensfibreart

Australian Freeform Fibre Artist, Craft teacher & Author

9 thoughts on “Freestyle Crochet made easy….”

  1. Yay!! Way to go… I love your enthusiasm & excitement.. I hope this new creative freedom takes you to places you dreamed of – enjoy!!

  2. How fantastic to meet a fellow freestyler!…3 months ago I was at home signed off work with health issues and it was going to be a 6 months session, I needed something to make me sit and rest, something creative…I found out an old bag of wool with crochet needles and wondered if I could still do what I was taught as a young girl. Crochet. I how to follow a pattern, but didnt have enough of one wool to make anything substantial.. I found some pictures of crocheted projects Iiked and made it, maybe modified it just from looking at the picture.. the FREE-dom in the freesyler seems to make each project so much more exciting than being restricted to a pattern. And the finished item is definately original!! Ive now joined a knitting/crochet/yarn makers and spinners group..And the ladies seemed to like my stuff, so I was really chuffed…..Liberated Crochet…..

  3. I’m going on a cruise next month and want to take a project with me to work on when I’m “sunning”. This would be perfect: one hook, one yarn and no pattern to deal with. Thank you for the idea.

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