Granny Square Update… Diagonal Granny Square

The Diagonal Granny Square:

Here’s another addition the ever popular Granny Square for those of you who would like to work with 2 colours on the diagonal ~ I came up with this method after searching high & low for easy to read diagonal granny square patterns, I’m sure there are more patterns out there, I just couldn’t find them…

The written pattern for this Diagonal Granny Square is quite wordy ~ hopefully the stitch diagrams will help guide you through – the pattern is given in both UK & US terminology, with colour diagrams (chart), photos & abbreviations

This one is for you, Peggy…… enjoy!

Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia

Author: rensfibreart

Australian Freeform Fibre Artist, Craft teacher & Author

2 thoughts on “Granny Square Update… Diagonal Granny Square”

  1. you’re welcome Peggy & Happy Birthday!
    hope this pattern helps with your project – you’ll find that it’s written in both UK & US terminology – I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it in no time

  2. WOW, WOW, WOW . . . that’s all I can say . . . I was just starting to put all my little granny squares in a big plastic bag and forget the whole thing when I thought I would check you web site . . . what a surprise to find your posted instructions . . . and on Oct. 30 (my birthday, no less) what a great present . . . NOW, I am afraid I must translate everything to the US because the pattern is certainly, as you say, wordy, but I am so glad to have this and once I translate it, I can’t wait to start in on my afghan once again . . . I will definitely keep you posted and thank you again for helping me . . . Peggy

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