But, oh my, what rewards for patience, perseverance & sheer pig headedness…

Summer Harvest is one of my newest creations – I had the idea to combine these colours & textures for ages & I think they work really well.

But this fine piece didn’t come about without a little pain – there were many hiccups along the way…. Some of the yarns I used, lovely though they are, were impossible to crochet so out came the needles. These knitted panels then suddenly became the focal point of the project from which the crochet motifs & bullions were worked – the original concept flew completely out the window

And the bag shape, another great idea at the time, took far more patience than I thought I had getting the patches to fit they way I wanted… so there was lots of grumbling & pouting about why I hadn’t chosen an easier route

But, oh my, what rewards for patience, perseverance & sheer pig headedness – I’m totally in love with the result.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is… Freeform sometimes has a mind of its own but if you allow yourself the freedom to go along with where it’s taking you, bend a little even though that’s not what you originally intended, allow the colours & textures to speak – you’ll be pleasantly surprised – I was…

I love felting too….

No doubt it’s no secret that I love to crochet – freeform,  traditional or exploring new techniques but sometimes it’s just as exciting to play in a different playground –  splashing about in my kitchen with soap & water & beautiful silk fibres I came up with these little beauties… & very pleased with the results


Sell for Free…

For anyone interested in internet selling…. here are 2 sites that might tempt those of you who have thought about it but weren’t sure about charges & the like.

A while ago I set up a ‘basic’ ARTFIRE shop – it has… No listing or final fees – the basic account  has it’s limits but I think worth giving a try. [Edited August 2011: What a shame.. Artfire no longer supports basic accounts]

2 weeks ago I also set up a ‘basic’ ZIBBET shop – it also has no listing or final fees but again, being a basic account has it’s limits.

You can upgrade these accounts at any time to take full advantage of all the benefits  they offer…. but for me, the basic is enough for the moment – I  just want to see how it goes – if you have a moment, go & have a browse you may be pleasantly surprised….

what a good idea…



I have been wracking my brain for ages trying to come up with something different  – a smallish item that is practical but still stylish & good to look at – I came up with this little Carry Safe – Freeform Crochet camera/phone case – it’s lined with a strong, dark grey commercial felt to withstand the hard knocks – the brain-wracking has been worth the effort, even if I do say so myself

Carnival went to France…

I was so excited when I checked my mail this morning to find that the Freeform bag ‘Carnival’ was sold to a lovely French lady – it’s such a fun bag & I’m sure she’s going to get plenty of WOWs!!!! where ever she goes – I just love it when my freeform pieces find good homes….

Carnival S1