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I  spend many hours compiling crochet & felting patterns & tutorials & offer them for your personal pleasure & knowledge.

I do my utmost to make my crochet & felting patterns & tutorials (including free patterns) as informative & comprehensive as possible. Patterns & tutorials include written instructions in both UK & US terminology, clear photos, stitch drawings & pattern diagrams (charts) where applicable.

~ A small request… I’m very happy for you to use my patterns for fun, personal challenge, gifts & fundraisers but, not so happy if you re-print them for others, share or sell them for profit. You know the drill. Copyright & all that!! Thanks for your consideration & understanding in this matter. Renate

Thank you for visiting my shop & supporting handmade.


The Humble Granny Square

The Half Granny Square

Diagonal Granny Square

A Guide for Joining Granny Square

9 thoughts on “Patterns 4 Free”

  1. Oh, Joy.. thank you so much it’s always nice to know that I’ve been helpful.. I hope you enjoy the books, that they inspire & encourage you on your new found crochet adventure 🙂

  2. I would also like to say how much I appreciate your site and all the beautiful work you do, as well as the help and instructions which are so very well explained.
    You have really inspired and encouraged me to go forward with crochet which I recently began to practise again after many years, and so have ordered your books and eagerly await their arrival.
    Thank you Renate.

  3. Thank you. I really appreciate your giving away good patterns for nothing. I last crocheted about 35 years ago and it has been a real eye-opener discovering your beautiful work online and your books. I am inspired.
    Your online diagrams of stitches and techniques are the best I have seen and will be a great help as I increase my repetoire.

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