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~ A small request… I’m very happy for you to use my patterns for fun, personal challenge, gifts & fundraisers – but not so happy if you re-print them for others, share or sell them for profit – you know the drill – copyright & all that!! Thanks for your consideration in this matter.

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13 Novel Stitch Sampler ~ $9.50 AUD

This pattern is available for purchase in my Etsy Shop

~ Samplers are a fabulous way to learn new stitches & increase your crochet repertoire without committing yourself to a complete project before mastering unfamiliar stitches…

~ Stitches are worked over a short 21 stitch row allowing you to move on to the next row quickly &, once mastered, stitches can be incorporated into your favourite projects: scarves & shawls, beanies & hats, blankets & afghans, freeform crochet work or any projects you like.

~ Freeformers might like to use all stitches in a project while others might like to work one particular stitch to jazz up a scarf or beanie etc…

~ This particular sampler is one of my most popular workshops for people with average crochet skills. It covers the basics through to those interesting stitches you’ve always wanted to try: Clusters, Puff sts, Popcorns, Crab st, Bullions, Bent Bullions, Coil st. Off-set Clusters & puff stitch, & a Clone st Tassel – 13 different stitches in all, not counting chains & slip knots…

For photo examples I used 8ply yarn & 4.50 (G) hook.

Although I’ve given yarn & hook requirements, this is your project – work with your own preferred yarns, colours & appropriate hook.

The pattern includes:
~ 4 pages of written instruction in both UK & US terminology
~ 1 page crochet chart (graph, chart)
~ 6 pages of clear stitch drawings & stitch Instruction for how to make:
~ Clusters
~ Puff stitch
~ Popcorn stitch
~ Crab stitch
~ Bullions
~ Bent Bullions
~ Coil stitch
~ Off-set Puff stitch
~ Off-set Clusters
~ Clone Stitch


Horizontal Rainbow Rug (Afghan) Crochet Sampler Pattern ~ $9.50AUD

Visit my Ravelry Shop or

rainbow-title-page-1xThis Sampler is a bit different from the usual Sampler Pattern as it’s worked horizontally instead of in a collection of squares. The 17 different stitches that make up this sampler are worked in rows that are repeated as many times as you like, in colour combinations that you prefer & using the hook your comfortable with… therefore , although I’ve given yarn & hook requirements, this is your project – work with your own preferred yarns, colours & appropriate hook.

~ Requirements for rainbow rug (afghan) as featured in photo: 200g (7.1 oz) of each: yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green. 50g (1.77oz)

Hook size: 4.50 (US: G)…I used Bendigo Classic yarn.

~ Requirements for Beige/brown rug (afghan) as featured in photo: 270g (9.53oz) of each: siege, brown, cream, 23g (.9oz) orange

Hook size: 4.50 (US: G)…I used  economy yarns from my stash.

The pattern includes:
written pattern in both UK & US terminology
clear stitch drawings & pattern diagrams (charts)

& instruction for how to make: ~ Clusters ~ Puff stitch ~ Popcorn stitch ~ Crab stitch ~ Bullions ~ Bent Bullions ~ Coil stitch ~ Off-set Puff stitch ~ Off-set Clusters ~ Clone Stitch

I hope this is an enjoyable new project for you to try & create something that you will be proud to show off or gift to family or friends.


Sunflower Rug (Afghan) Crochet Pattern ~ $5-00 AUD

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This is a nice & easy scrap yarn crochet rug (afghan) ideal for the less experienced. Each square measures approx 16.5 cm (6 ½”) x 16.5 cm (6 ½”) – make as many squares as you need depending on your project – a little cot cover, a medium TV knee rug or a king size bedspread

Requirements: for the 5 square x 6 square rug I used: scrap yarn from my stash for colours & approx 230 grams 8ply cream acrylic (Panda, Magnum soft) for main colour – Hook size 4.00mm (US G)

Although I’ve given yarn & hook requirements, this is your project – work with your own preferred colours & appropriate hook

  • The pattern includes:
  • afghan square pattern
  • joining square together & border instructions
  • both UK & US terminology
  • clear stitch drawings & pattern diagrams (charts)


The Medallion Scarf Crochet Pattern: $5.00 AUD

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The Medallion Scarf is a fun, funky & distinctive crochet pattern for anyone who would like to try something new.

I wouldn’t recommend this pattern to an absolute beginner but anyone with average & above crochet skills will find this an interesting exercise & end up with a novel scarf that definitely has the Wow Effect!

For best results, use a large hook (6.00mm (J)) & any 8 ply yarn; plain or variegated… your choice… they all work well with this pattern…

  •  The pattern includes:
  • scarf & tassel pattern instructions
  • both UK & US terminology
  • clear stitch drawings & pattern diagrams (charts)
  • clear, step by step, instruction stitch drawings for working the Medallion


Fingerless Mittens with Ribbed Cuff & Bobbled Wrist ~ $5 AUD

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This neat little pattern is quick, easy & versatile with instructions for the Flower Motif & Crab stitch, Picot & Scalloped Edgings to suit your skill level and/or preferred style.




The pattern includes:

  • the mitten/cuff pattern, 3 different edging patterns & the crochet flower pattern
  • both UK & US terminology
  • clear stitch drawings & pattern diagrams (charts)

Although it’s not imperative to work differently for right & left hand mittens, I have, nevertheless, giving instructions for both right & left hand mitten because I personally like the cuff join to be on the inside wrist – if this doesn’t matter to you then just follow instructions for either right or left, the cuff instruction are the same for both.

 Size: suit most adult women

Requirements: approx 50/75grams 8 ply for one pair (depending on yarn used)

Hook size: 5.00 (US H)


Easy Basic Crochet Bag/Purse Pattern ~ $6.90 AUD

Visit my Ravelry Store or

This basic crochet bag/purse pattern is worked on size not number of stitches.

Used it as a foundation for embellishments by adding crochet/knit flowers/motifs ~ beading ~ lace overlays ~ freeform scrumples ~ or anything your imagination & heart desires ~ your choice of yarn & hook size will determine the look & feel of your purse/bag.

Experiment with yarns, hooks & width/depth of your bag/purse & have fun creating your own individual design

  • The Pattern includes:
  • basic purse/bag pattern instructions
  • simple crochet button & button loop instructions
  • US & UK terminology
  • stitch diagrams (charts) & stitch drawings
  • clear colour photos

Requirements: to create the purse in the photo I used:

Yarn Bee (Down to Earth) 70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton – 150 grms ~ hook size 4.50 (US: G) ~ satin lining ~ shade cloth for bag base ~ simple crochet button

* Please note: flower embellishments are not included in this pattern


Spiral Beanie & Cowl Set: $7.50 AUD

Visit my Ravelry Store or

~ A super flattering accessory duet ~ 2 easy to follow patterns that can be adapted to suit sizes small, medium & large


Pattern includes:

  • both UK & US terminology –
  • stitch drawings & pattern diagrams (charts)

As with all my recent patterns I like to think that even the most basic beginner will be able to have a go.


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  1. The freeform technique is explained in my book ‘Freeform Crochet & beyond’ sold world wide. Freeform by its very nature is not a pattern based technique where you must follow a pattern but a creative journey of bringing together many skills into your work. My book has examples of this & a collections of patterns to get you started, inspire & help you to achieve your own directions
    There is also a quick freeform tutorial that may help

    While my patterns for sale are mostly traditional based, many of them also lend themselves to experimentation with stitches, yarn & hooks, which I believe, for the newcomer to freeform, is helpful for them to step outside the limits of just following a pattern….

    You will find my freeform & traditions pieces for sale on my Galleries pages

  2. Where is the Scrumple in Your Scrumple Patters. Hi I just love scrumple, and came by Your site to see what You had, yet all I see here is conventional crochet. Where is the real scrumple crochet that your site said that it is selling???

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